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The Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

Many people wonder what toothbrush they should be using for best results and an electrical one is probably the right choice in many cases. Let’s discuss why you should consider an electric toothbrush instead of a manual one and cover some of the different features of an electric toothbrush that make them a top choice. Dental hygiene is important and should be taken seriously. Not only does taking care of your teeth prevent cavities, infections and more – you will feel much more confident if you have a smile that you can be proud of. You don’t have to do anything radical in order to improve your teeth, the simple step of brushing your teeth twice to three times a day is beneficial.

Common Electric Toothbrush Features:

Features may differ slightly depending on what brand of electric toothbrush you purchase but for the most part, you can expect some of these common features and benefits.

  • Numerous different brushing modes with different tempos: This is perfect if you like to brush your teeth a certain way or you have sensitive teeth/gums.
  • Pressure signals to let you know when you are brushing too hard.
  • Rechargeable batteries which will save you money on the price of batteries.
  • Hi-tech timers to let you know how long you have been brushing each section of your mouth.
  • Digital reminders to replace your brush to maintain the brushing quality.

Why You Should Consider an Electric Toothbrush

Cleaner Brushing

For the most part, electric toothbrushes can give you a more thorough clean than a manual one. As the bristles move and vibrate, they get inside your teeth and clean all those hard-to-reach spots that would not have been brushed otherwise. Not only will your teeth look and feel cleaner after brushing with an electric toothbrush, but they will also be whiter too.

Gentle on the Gums

A manual toothbrush can be quite harsh on the gums which can lead to bleeding and other problems. An electric toothbrush takes away this issue and is generally much gentler on the gums.

Easier to Use

An electric toothbrush will do all the hard work for you as you move the item around your mouth. You can be assured that your teeth are getting a proper clean without much effort. Providing you brush your teeth for the recommended time, you can be satisfied that you’ve done a great job.

Affordable option

While an electric toothbrush might cost you more money initially, you will be saving money over time. A high-quality electric toothbrush will last you for years and put that in comparison to how often you would need to replenish a manual toothbrush. When you consider the prevention of many dental issues, going electric often makes the most sense.

There are a couple additional features on electric toothbrushes that help you improve your brushing. This includes sensors when you are brushing too hard and alerts that notify you when the heads need changing. It’s clear to see the many benefits of using an electric toothbrush. 

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