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Orthodontics in Chesapeake, VA

Looking for orthodontics in Chesapeake, VA? Orthodontics is about more than just wearing braces to straighten your teeth. In fact, it’s an entire specialized branch of dental care that focuses on improving teeth alignment and jaw function to benefit the whole mouth. A well-aligned smile is both healthy and attractive.

Problems with the alignment of the teeth or bite can cause pain, discomfort, and crowding of teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a way to correct jaw problems and bite problems in order to improve your overall oral health. We can do this in any of our three Chesapeake, VA area offices with braces or by using other orthodontic appliances like clear aligners.

At The Center for Restorative, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry, we understand the big picture when it comes to orthodontic treatment. This means that we can straighten your smile while also addressing dental issues that you may be facing due to abnormal movements within your bite or the shape of your teeth and jaws.

Because we value patient satisfaction, we pursue the latest and most preferred solutions in orthodontics. If you’re in Chesapeake, VA, and are hesitant to undergo orthodontic treatment due to the look of traditional metal braces, we can help. Our orthodontics practice proudly offers discreet and comfortable options.

Orthodontic Dental Treatment from your Chesapeake Orthodontist

The most well-known orthodontic treatment is metal braces. To attach the braces to the teeth, an orthodontist will use special dental cement and attach the brackets. Once those are attached, the wires will be attached –– thicker wires are for more drastic adjustments and will help teeth move faster. The wires are attached to the brackets with rubber bands.

To increase the pressure on the teeth, the wires will be tightened or replaced at subsequent appointments.

Oral care is a big component of metal braces. Your orthodontist will go over the proper way to brush your teeth to keep the braces clean. They will also let you know which foods to avoid, such as hard, sticky, or sugary foods, so you don’t damage your braces, sending you back to the office.

While braces can sometimes be uncomfortable and require extra care, the straight, beautiful smile you’ll have in the end will be worth it.

Aligners are also an excellent dental treatment for correcting crooked or crowded teeth, which in turn improves your overall bite and jaw function. Our Chesapeake offices offer clear aligners as one of the most popular choices in orthodontics, as they carry the effectiveness of traditional methods without the embarrassment, restrictions, or discomfort commonly associated with metal brackets.

Clear aligners are custom-created to fit tightly over your teeth and are practically invisible. Typically, the aligners must be worn the entire day, except for when eating or cleaning the aligners. As your teeth begin to move, you’ll need to visit the office on a regular basis, generally every other week to get fitted for a new aligner that will continue to help adjust the position of your teeth. This process can take anywhere from one to two years, but does vary by individual and is dependent on how easily and quickly the teeth move.

To prevent teeth from returning to their original position after using the aligners, a retainer is often needed. Easy to use, retainers are a simple, effective way to ensure you continue to experience the results of your orthodontic treatment.

Our offices are proud to be certified providers of Invisalign for teens and adults.

Find Out if Invisalign® Clear Aligners Are Right for You

Invisalign has changed the way people view orthodontic treatment. No longer do you have to miss out on a confident, beautiful smile just because you don’t want the look of traditional metal braces.

Most adults can be treated with Invisalign, but some severe cases may require braces. If you feel you could benefit from Invisalign and are looking for one of the best orthodontists in Chesapeake, we are confident we can meet your needs at The Center for Restorative, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry. Orthodontic treatment can help you attain a straighter, more beautiful smile while also solving certain dental health issues, so schedule your consultation at one of our Chesapeake, VA, offices and ask about our preferred options in orthodontics.

Adults and teens alike are choosing Invisalign for a few reasons:

They’re more comfortable.

Clear aligners are sized to fit snugly over your teeth. No longer do you have the soreness that can come from brackets and wires poking the insides of your cheeks and gums.

They boost your self-esteem.

If you fear metal braces are unsightly, you will welcome the invisible look of clear aligners. As you witness your teeth moving to gradually reveal your best smile, it will be an instant confidence-booster. It often doesn’t take long to start seeing results.

They don’t get food stuck in them.

One of the worst parts of having metal braces is the potential for getting food stuck in them. That’s why you often can’t eat many of the foods you love while you have braces. With Invisalign, you can eat during a business lunch without being self-conscious. Just remove the trays while you eat or drink anything other than water, brush them afterward, and pop them back in.

They offer affordable treatment for many of the concerns you might have with your smile.

Whether you want to treat crowded teeth, spacing issues, overbites or underbites, Invisalign is an affordable option. We understand that not everyone is able to pay in one lump sum, so we make monthly payments available.

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